Business Name
“When Water Alone is not Enough”
Tonawanda Wine & Liquor was established in 1953 and was later on acquired in 2004 by Larry and Susan Klock of Grand Island. Our family-owned and operated store has ever since continued to serve the people of the Twin Cities with the finest quality products and service, with our friendly staff and personal attention to the needs of our clients, we have developed a vast list of regular patrons in the area.
Tonawanda Wine & Liquor

Get Free Consultations for Your Event

That’s not all! Our staff is courteous and will provide free consultations for any event, wedding, stag or party that you plan to arrange. From vodka and rum to bourbon and gin, we stock all types of wine and spirits to meet with the varied need of our customers. So, if you are looking to purchase something special for your upcoming celebrations, you know who to call.
Tonawanda Wine & Liquor